What Can You Clean Up This Spring?

It's supposed to be warming up right now!

The calendar says so, right?

I'm sure it will, eventually.

And then our Spring and Summer seasons will let us spend our time more relaxed, and basking in the sunshine and easy breezy, leisurely days of the season. (sorry allergy sufferers)

Sounds great, right?

But lots of us have some spring cleaning to do.

(Ugh... just the thought)

Oh, but you know... I'm NOT just talking about around the house, or giving your car a thorough cleaning.

Maybe there is some other "baggage" you can distance yourself from of this spring too?

Perhaps, even letting...

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Who Controls Your Daily Agenda?

Already today, I've had a barrage of "urgent" emails land abruptly in my inbox. I'd been logged in for an hour.

You too?

Some have even been marked "High Importance," to make sure they grab my attention.

I have a question: To whom are these emails "highly important?"

(Maybe NOT me)

Of course, your calendar is not at the top of someone else's priority list. They're focused on what's right in front of them and expect YOU to be there too.

Where is your focus?

Are you bouncing around all day between everyone else's requests, only to realize you didn't accomplish much of YOUR agenda for the...

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How Important Are Relationships?

It was bound to happen at some point. After 5 years of regular travel to the same city, the same hotel, and seeing the same staff (who had become like family to me)... the property was sold.

New ownership, new management company, and now, most of the "regular" staff have moved on too.

I've been working hard for over a month to introduce myself, all over again, to the new employees. I'd grown so accustomed to the same smiles, the same room, and the same great treatment... that I probably took it for granted.

Then, this week, a new employee at the front desk questioned my identity! My, things...

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