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Why So Serious?

How important is having a good sense of humor?
Don’t ask a "humor researcher." They're already fighting an uphill battle!
Laughter is one of the first things a newborn exhibits.
Try going an entire day without even a small laugh and see if you can – I bet you can’t.
People don’t typically, actively AVOID pleasure.
Typically, many of the decisions we make are based on HOW MUCH pleasure will come from our choices. 
Laughter is the best medicine.
We have all heard that saying.
And when things aren't going so well for us, we reach out for positive people to lift us, or help pull us out of our rut. 
Laughing not only improves our mental state, it has been proven to benefit our overall physical well-being. 
Do you live life as cup half-empty or half-full?
Many people will at least say half-full because that's usually considered the goal, right? To be able to live in a state of gratitude? It typically takes some intention.
Positiveness, happiness, laughter, fun
We want our lives to be rich full and worth living.  We want to be remembered in a positive light and most of all we want to be loved.
We all know it is much easier to love a funny happy person than it is to love a sad, miserable person.
Happiness, laughter, humor – they just make a relationship easier, don’t they? 
Find a way to see some humor in your life, every day.
Don’t take things so seriously.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Smile. Laugh.  Enjoy life.

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