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Do You Have A Road Map?

life plan organize plan vision Oct 10, 2018


Imagine taking a trip without a map.

Imagine building a structure without blueprints.

Imagine going through life without a plan…

(I know, for a lot of us, this isn't imagination, right?)


Are you drifting through life, letting life happen TO you?

Does it make you anxious, maybe keep you up at night, knowing you have a higher purpose, but you just don’t know where to start? 

How do we get out of that existential "funk" and begin to create the life we want to live?


Crafting a life plan is not a simple task, and will not take an hour to complete.

You will need to commit to writing, meditating, contemplating and soul-searching and expect this to take time.

If you can, go somewhere for a weekend alone and work on this.

Maybe that's camping, holding up at a hotel, or locking yourself away in the man cave, or she-shed…


Whatever way you can make it happen, find some "quiet" space to work on your life’s plan. Start with some simple steps:

  • Begin to define who you are:
    List out your roles – husband/wife, boss, worker, sister/brother, volunteer, citizen, friend, etc.

  • Prioritize these roles to determine which are most important:
    Identify which roles cause the most stress and which are the roles you want to explore or give highest priority to.


Beginning with these very simple INITIAL steps in identifying and prioritizing these roles, you can begin to uncover patterns, and maybe see more clearly, some of those roles you want to eliminate.

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