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Is It Time For Some House Cleaning?


What does your closet look like?

Is it all tidy and color coordinated and arranged by season?

If so, move on… No need to read anymore.  :)

For the rest of us who have closets full of clothes from ten years ago that we will fit into one of these days – or that style will surely come back – or this is a classic – it will go with everything…

You know who you are…

Or maybe you can’t even close your closet because the shoes are spilling out onto the floor…

Life is like a closet

We hold onto past thoughts and emotions and we think if we hold on to it long enough and tight enough something will change – it will fit now – it will be all right – or we hold on because we can’t let go of the pain.

As one of my mentors says – let the dead bury the dead.

It is time to clean the closet and let go of all that dead weight

It is time to organize and compartmentalize all those things in that closet – put the shoes here, the belts there, the ties or purses in their spot and let’s now get rid of that old letterman's jacket or the high school prom dress.

It is time to make room for all the new things that we will acquire.

Make room

When you organize anything, a closet, a drawer, a thought, a process, you suddenly find you have room.  Room for something new.

If you hold onto all that old stuff, there is no room for anything new.  No new relationships or job opportunities, or whatever it is you desire because you don’t have room.

You don’t have the bandwidth to take on any more until you clear out all the old. 

We can’t change the past so why hold onto it?

Get out the duster and boxes and let’s release all that which we no longer need or want and let’s make room for all that which we desire.

Organize your life as you would a closet.

Remove the old and make room for the new.

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