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How Important Are Relationships?

It was bound to happen at some point. After 5 years of regular travel to the same city, the same hotel, and seeing the same staff (who had become like family to me)... the property was sold.

New ownership, new management company, and now, most of the "regular" staff have moved on too.

I've been working hard for over a month to introduce myself, all over again, to the new employees. I'd grown so accustomed to the same smiles, the same room, and the same great treatment... that I probably took it for granted.

Then, this week, a new employee at the front desk questioned my identity! My, things have changed. 

She said, "Um, the name on your ID doesn't match the name on your credit card."

Turns out, she was looking at my middle name, NOT my last name, which I pointed out. Of course she was a little embarrassed and apologized. "I guess I'm just not familiar with your state's driver's license," she added.

"That's okay," I said, "I'm not familiar with even being asked for my license and credit card when I've checked in here for the last five years."

Keep in mind, I did say that with a LARGE smile, and in a very understanding tone. She knew I wasn't being aggressive and that I was on her side. She told me it was only her second day, so I went easy, and we ironed it out.

But... she didn't put me in my regular room!

I'm not really a troublemaker, so I just took my stuff upstairs, knowing the new owner would "fix me up" when I saw him later in the day (of course, I'd introduced myself to him several weeks prior).

This place has really become my "home away from home," and as I mentioned, the staff like family.

Now, it's time to reinvest, it seems.

How about your relationships? Have you become complacent? Are you doing what you can to really connect with the people within your influence? Or are you just interacting, and calling it a day?

I've accepted the challenge now to begin to get to know a whole new crowd as they come onboard at my second home.

How about you?

Think about the relationships you'd like to grow, that could greatly benefit from you putting in a little more effort.

Many of us communicate very well with others. Be do we truly connect?

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