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What Can You Clean Up This Spring?

It's supposed to be warming up right now!

The calendar says so, right?

I'm sure it will, eventually.

And then our Spring and Summer seasons will let us spend our time more relaxed, and basking in the sunshine and easy breezy, leisurely days of the season. (sorry allergy sufferers)

Sounds great, right?

But lots of us have some spring cleaning to do.

(Ugh... just the thought)

Oh, but you know... I'm NOT just talking about around the house, or giving your car a thorough cleaning.

Maybe there is some other "baggage" you can distance yourself from of this spring too?

Perhaps, even letting some go altogether?

Maybe some tasks, some projects that you've been "meaning to get to," for the last year?

Are they really still important?

How about this...

Is the THOUGHT that you haven't completed something that you set out to do WEIGHING more on you, than its' value to you, if you HAD actually done it?

Ask yourself, "Is beating myself up over something that really wasn't that important to me anyway, more harmful than just letting it go?"

At a certain point, where did it rank in your priority list anyway?

Listen, I'm not saying you totally ditch the idea(s).

I'm just suggesting that maybe this time of year is also a great time to reevaluate your list of "to-dos."

To reprioritize based on where you are NOW.

How much of that "work" really is important TODAY?

Yesterday ended last night.

The past isn't going anywhere... but YOU can.


(We'll leave the discussion about the Spring cleaning of some of the PEOPLE in your circles for another day)




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